Welcome to the New Captive Global!


We (Hale Stewart and Beckett Cantley) started writing for Captive Global about 2 years ago and were always impressed with the magazine’s quality.  Christine did a wonderful job of not only getting great talent to write articles but to also address numerous important topics for the industry.  So when she asked if we’d like to buy it, we jumped at the chance.  Our only hope is that we can maintain her previous level of quality and focus.

Below is an explanation of the expanded site:

You’ll probably first notice the articles section.  Here we’re making a big change: instead of running this as a digital magazine, we’re turning it into a blog.  This allows us to not only have the same great, in-depth articles like before but also to write quick pieces as events require.

The news section is below the articles.  It’s an RSS (real simple syndication) feed that collects news stories focusing on captive insurance.  Some days there won’t be much, but on others there will be many stories.  It refreshes every day, so please check back often.

The legal research section currently has links to the major captive cases along with the relevant revenue rulings. We’ll be updating this shortly with PLRs and ILMs.  And, as courts issue decisions, we’ll add those too.  At the bottom of the page is a link to Emanuel Burstein’s webpage on insurance company taxation. This is the leading book on insurance company tax and we’re grateful that Mr. Burstein has a webpage that is, quite literally, a “one stop shop” for insurance company taxation.

The jurisdictions page has a link to the following for all major U.S. jurisdictions: the Captive Insurance Department, the State’s Statute, the State’s Regulations and the jurisdiction’s captive insurance trade association.

And finally, we have the conferences tab, which is self-explanatory.

We realize that over the last few years, you’ve come to depend on Captive Global for timely articles about issues related to the captive community.  We have every intention of continuing that tradition while adding what we hope will be the “go to” research section and timely news stories.  And, if there’s something you’d like us to add, please call as at 832.330.4101.



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